Here are some reasons to implement it:
  • Do you need to tell a bigger story that can’t fit a regular wine label?
  • Would you like to benefit from a video demonstration?
  • Would you like to make bonus offers to help clinch a sale?
  • Would you like to double the amount of mobile traffic to your website?
Then BEVERAGEID solution is for you
Approved by BeverageID
Trusted by thousands of buyers worldwide
Supports direct marketing.
BEVERAGEID solution provides a direct, user-initiated connection between the brand and consumer, enabling you to learn more about their preferences and track the sales cycle end-to-end.
  • 20% increase in website conversions compared to other marketing channels
  • double the amount of mobile traffic to the brand’s website
It puts the power in the consumer’s hand.
In the world of unsolicited advertising, annoying pop-ups, and other intrusions and distractions, BEVERAGEID solution gives the users greater control over their interactions.
BEVERAGEID solution doubles the amount of mobile traffic to the brand's website.
Works everywhere
With BEVERAGEID solution NFC tags can be scanned immediately merely by approaching them. Customers no longer have to surf the Internet to learn more about the beverage they purchase, launch videos, enter contests, and much more.
1.9 billion NFC-enabled phones worldwide. 85% of all Android smartphones.
Rich data and deep analytics
Data can be collected and analyzed to contextualize consumer interactions with the product, measure the effectiveness of brand messaging, and make real-time adjustments. It gives a better understanding of customers’ preferences and market’s segmentation.
Best Anti-Counterfeiting solution for beverage industry
According to the industry’s experts, fake wines now account for 20% of global wine sales and the same applies to other alcoholic beverages. BEVERAGEID solution provide 100% Anti-Counterfeiting protection
total value of counterfeit wine worldwide is $ 3 billion a year
Low marketing costs
BEVERAGEID solution delivers outstanding results because it is a form of inbound marketing.
Which means, instead of paying a lot of money for advertisement to find people, you provide them with tool which people will use to find you.
BEVERAGEID NFC TAG provides unlimited marketing campaigns solutions with integrated fraud protection at a very low cost.
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Give your beverage business the competitive edge!
Grant access to your winery products information to millions of people worldwide.

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